Full collection of Loffen Shield Antimicrobial FaceMasks

Loffen Shield face mask is made out of Great Britain based antimicrobial polyester fabric, which has a ready made antimicrobial treatment. This treatment begins to destroy bacterias, microbes and viruses as soon as a contact occurs between the microbe and the fabric. The treatment is made straight into the fiber. It is an so called non-leaching polymer, which will not wear out like most other antimicrobial materials do. The fabric is 100% polyester, which is safe, pleasant and allergy free for the user. The elastic bands do not have the antimicrobial feature. 

The substance used to achieve the antimicrobial feature is water based and safe for the user. It does not include harmful ingredients such as leaching noble metals (i.e. silver, copper, zink), formaldehyds, metanol, polycrated felons or arsenic, like most of the other antimicrobial treatments do. The safety of the substance has been comprehensively tested against harmful ingredients. The substance is OEKO-TEX and REACH approved and manufactured in EU. The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has approved the use of this treatment and substance in face mask use inside the EU.

The product is sewn into a face mask by the producer Import Number 1 Oy (Finland).

Materials with the same antimicrobial treatment have been used for example for hospital and other professional use only- purposes. It has been studied to have an effect on wide variety of microbes such as C-Diff Spore and against viruses.

The antimicrobial affect is based on a mechanical process. The polymer has a positive electric charge and attracts the negatively charged micro-organisms. As the microbe gets to a contact with the polymer in the fabric, the millions of ”spikes” pierce the cell membrane, causing the biochemicals to get an electric shock. This way the piercing mechanism deactivates the microbe and disallows the growth and spreading of the microbe. This safe and antimicrobial treatment has been made to last repetitive washings in desinfective temperature. 

The Antimicrobial Substance used in the fabric to achieve this non-leaching permanent effect is Dimethyloctadecyl[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ammonium chloride.