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About us

What is Sensiprima?

We are a Finland based web shop specialized in home textiles such as pillows, duvets / blankets, bed linen, bathrobes and more. Majority of our products are designed and manufactured for professional use, for hotels, ships, restaurants, hospitals and institutional use. Our offered products meet the highest level of requirements of professional use and industrial laundering (professional selection). We combine a collection of products from both, professional use and private use. was launched in May 2020 to serve customers in with in EU borders due to high demand of Loffen Shield Face Masks coming from outside of Finland to our domestic sister company which is our domestic web shop for Finnish customers. The manufacturer / supplier of these products (Import Numero 1 Oy ) shares the same ownership, stock and office building with both, and

We are adding new products from our domestic web shop (, that will be suitable for export (size wise). If you would like to see what our larger collection, you can visit our Finnish web shop at and send a request on any wanted products by email: info(at)

Sensiprima Oy, VAT-number FI-28582006 operates and online stores. Sensiprima Oy is VAT-obliged to Finland. 

Contact us 

Our customer service, office and storage is located in Espoo, Finland. (Lautamiehentie 1 02770 Espoo).

Phone: +358 10 321 4000

Email: info(at)