Loffen Vancouver (Dark Grey) Scarf

Loffen Vancouver (Dark Grey) Scarf

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A scarf Vancouver will help to survive even severe cold. The scarf is especially big in size, looks stylish and is easy to match different clothing styles. It can be chosen from a few natural shades –brighter on one side and of subdued colours on the other. Classical look of the scarf is enriched by fringes at both ends.

You‘ll immediately like and love the scarf after putting it on. A thin and light scarf has the most luxurious cashmere wool in it and merino wool adored by those who love softness. It‘s a perfect combination which will protect you from cold wind and will warm you during long winter walks.

Cashmere - probably the most luxurious wool. The wool hair is cylindrical and has a gentle, silky shine. Cashmere is very light and warm. The raw fabric raw material is the soft underwear of Kashmir goats, which is not cut as sheep, but is carefully combed.

Merino sheep wool - derived from a special type of merino sheep that is reared in Australia and New Zealand. Due to the right climate and good cultivation conditions, high quality wool is produced. Merino sheep wool is soft, fluffy, light and warm. Products from this wool pass the air and adjust well to body temperature, i. keeps heat only for as long as necessary and does not encourage sweating.

Scarf Vancouver meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® requirements.

KUBA … 245 g/m2 .. 5 % CASHMERE + 45 % wool + 20% PES + 30% Acrylic.