Loffen Knightsbridge (Grey Pink) Scarf

Loffen Knightsbridge (Grey Pink) Scarf

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SCARF Knightsbridge GREY PINK

This ultra-soft and soft merino wool-enriched scarf will be your favorite from the first touch. Wide, yet lightweight and pleasantly warm, even in cold weather, cozy against the breezy wind or rain. This scarf is always nice to wear and is a great accessory. Everyone is fascinated by the simple classic style, and the tassels at the ends give the scarf a subtle playfulness.

High-quality merino wool provides great properties: the scarf is breathable, so you won't overheat while wearing it - also it maintains optimum body temperature and warmth. Excellent quality ensures that the scarf retains its appearance even after many washes, and its softness you simply cannot resist. Merino wool is extremely gentle, does not cause allergic reactions, so the scarf can be worn by everyone, it is nice to wrap it up to the chin or even higher in the breezy wind.

Merino sheep wool - derived from a special type of merino sheep that is reared in Australia and New Zealand. Due to the right climate and good cultivation conditions, high quality wool is produced. Merino sheep wool is soft, fluffy, light and warm. Products from this wool pass the air and adjust well to body temperature, i. keeps heat only for as long as necessary and does not encourage sweating.

Scarf Knightsbridge meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® requirements.

Knightsbridge … 200 g/m2 .. 20% wool + 30% PES + 50% Acrylic.