MERINO Blanket Light Brown

MERINO Blanket Light Brown

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Merino wool plaid will become a favourite with all family members. Who does not like a soft touch of it, the lightness and comfort warmth...The plaid will be ideal for an afternoon nap, cosy film watch at home or as a cover for a bed.

Soft and light merino wool plaid provides perfect warmth, not allowing to overheat. Because of particular qualities of merino wool,  it is especially light and convenient to use. The colour can be chosen from a few variations – classical range of colours will suit every home. You will put it on and will never want to part with the plaid.

Merino sheep wool - derived from a special type of merino sheep that is reared in Australia and New Zealand. Due to the right climate and good cultivation conditions, high quality wool is produced. Merino sheep wool is soft, fluffy, light and warm. Products from this wool pass the air and adjust well to body temperature, i. keeps heat only for as long as necessary and does not encourage sweating.

Plaid MERINO meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® requirements.

MERINO 300 g/m2 .. 80 % regular Merino wool + 20 % Nylon.