Hoie Downfeel

Hoie Downfeel

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A revolutionary microfiber-filled pillow. Suitable for everyone, great shape, Hoie's bestseller!

Size 50 × 60 cm and the giant pillow 60 × 80 cm. 

Downfeel fiber is extremely thin and airy fiber. Filled with this, the pillow behaves like a genuine down, being soft, comfortable and suitable for almost all kinds of sleepers and bodies.

The pillow always returns to its shape when the sleeper changes position and the filling retains its properties perfectly even after washing. The fabric is soft, Aloe-Vera-treated cotton, with an elegant Hoie Downfeel logo embroidered on the corner.

The product is Ökotex 100 approved, it is also suitable for people with allergies.

Material and care instructions:

Fabric 100% cotton, Aloe-Vera treatment.

Filling 0.7 D microfiber, 50 × 60 cm for 800 g and 60 × 80 cm for 1400 g.

Machine wash at 60 degrees, tumble dry recommended at medium temperature.