Hoie Downfeel COOL Pillow

Hoie Downfeel COOL Pillow

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A new cooling version of the bestseller DOWNFEEL-pillow!

This pillow fits everyone and shapes perfectly. Downfeel COOL has a Climarelle heat equalizing feature. Downfeel fiber is extremely thin and airy. Climarelle special material compensates for fluctuations in body temperature. This way, the pillow behaves like a genuine down, ie. it is soft, formable, comfortable and suitable for all kinds of sleepers and bodies.

The pillow always returns to its shape when the sleeper changes position and the filling retains its properties perfectly even after multiple washings. In addition, the second side of the pad fabric has a unique ADVANS developed HRT COOL solar heat equalizing special material. During the night, many people sweat from the head and at different stages of sleep, body temperature rises and falls. Climarelle Cool material is able to store the microscopic heat that rises in its small capsules and releases it again as the temperature drops.

This way the sleeping environment is the best possible and the pillow always feels wonderfully cool. The fabric is soft cotton. It is light bluish on the COOL side, making it stand out from the white normal fabric. The edges are surrounded by a white tere and the corner has white Downfeel embroidery and in addition the word COOL in fresh turquoise.

The product is Ökotex 100 approved and is also well suited for people with allergies. Material and care instructions:

Fabric 100% cotton, Advansa Climarelle Cool special material on one side.

Filling 0.7 D microfiber, 790 g.

Machine wash at 60 degrees, tumble dry recommended at medium temperature.