Hoie Downfeel Light Duvet 150x210 cm

Hoie Downfeel Light Duvet 150x210 cm

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The Hoie Downfeel duvet is the most luxurious and softest summer blanket in our store.  630 g light blanket is suitable for summer and warm-blooded also for year-round use.

The Downfeel Light duvet offers the best of a quality down comforter, without down´s weaknesses. The microfiber filling is like genuine down, but is suitable for allergic people, is easy to wash, is not rudder-proof and is much more affordable.

This quilt has a very luxurious and soft cotton-satin fabric, and to be extremely comfortable, the fabric has even been treated with Aloe-Vera. The cover is quilted, and the edges are luxuriously finished with a bead. The filling is made of ultra-thin and soft microfiber, a total of 630 g.

Together, the luxurious fabric and special filling provide the best sleeping experience; the cover is airy, soft and stays plush. However, it is not sweaty, and the fiber effectively transports body moisture away. Downfeel is also suitable for people with allergies and is Ökotex 100 approved.

Materials and care instructions: Fabric: 100% aloe-Vera treated cotton satin. Filling: 100% Downfeel special fiber.

The washing recommendation is 40 degrees, but the product can be washed at 60 degrees if desired. Tumble drying recommended at medium heat.

Heat class: Cool, 630g. Size: 150x210 cm.