Hoie Enviro double duvet cool 200x220 cm, 800g

Hoie Enviro double duvet cool 200x220 cm, 800g

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The novelty cover of the Hoie Swan Label is now available!

A soft and light duvet for a double bed for two people who especially like a cool and light duvet.

Size 200 × 220 cm 800g cool and light design. The Hoie Enviro quilt is filled with the exclusively developed environmentally friendly Comforel Eco Nordic fiber. It is soft and airy and gives a pleasant fluffy feeling to the cover. The blanket Comforel Nordic Eco fiber is a modern environmentally friendly material and forms well around the body and is more durable than normal.

The Enviro 800g cover is especially suitable for those who like a cool and light cover. The fabric is an environmentally friendly, very soft cotton chamber. The edges are finished with a white-gray patterned edging and the Hoie logo is embroidered on the corner. The product has Ökotex 100 approval and the Nordic Swan Label, guaranteeing the safety of materials and complete respect for the environment at every stage of manufacturing.

Enviro is also suitable for people with allergies. Material and care instructions: Fabric: 100% cotton Filling: Comforel Nordic Eco polyester fiber, 800 g Machine wash at 60 degrees and tumble dry at medium temperature.