Hoie Enviro Pillow 50x60 cm

Hoie Enviro Pillow 50x60 cm

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Hoie Swan Award-winning novelty pillow!

This is a soft and very neck-supporting medium-height pillow, which is especially suitable for those who sleep on their side and those who like an upright pillow.

The Hoie Enviro cushion is made exclusively from the environmentally friendly Comforel Eco Nordic ball fiber. It is soft but still gives great support to the neck and top.

The ball fiber is a modern material and it forms well and lasts in use. The fabric is an environmentally friendly, very soft cotton chamber. The edges are surrounded by an elegant white tere and the Hoie logo is embroidered on the corner.

The product has Ökotex 100 approval and the Nordic Swan Label, guaranteeing the safety of materials and complete respect for the environment at every stage of manufacturing. Enviro is also suitable for people with allergies.

Size: 50 × 60 cm, 500g medium-high model.