Hoie Gemini Extra-warm double bed cover 200x220 cm

Hoie Gemini Extra-warm double bed cover 200x220 cm

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Plush and extra warm double bed cover with 2 × 1025 g high quality hollow fiber filling.

This quilt features a high-quality and very durable cotton-polyester fabric, luxurious airiness and an elegant square pattern stitching. The blanket is well suited for those who like a warm double bed blanket.

Result: 200 × 220 cm Heat class: Warm-extra warm Gemini duvets feature a soft, checkered quilted cotton-polyester fabric and a durable, high-quality conjugated hollow fiber filling.

The cover has two layers, both layers have 1025 g of filling and an air layer in between! The cover is airy and soft. It is suitable for those who like a warm blanket. The Gemini Extra Warm quilt is a high-quality but affordable quilt.

The cover is quilted with an elegant checkered pattern and the edges are finished with a durable, white edging. The product is made in Norway!

Features: • Materials in fabric, quilting threads and filling ensure a durable and high-quality product that is also suitable for allergy sufferers. • HARMFULNESS AND ECO-TEX Hoie Celsius products have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 logo. Change Size: cover 200 × 220 cm Fabric: cotton-polyester, 60 degree washable Filling: high quality, 60 degree washable hollow fiber: 2050 g (2 × 1025g) Structure: The outer fabric is quilted, with wadding in between and a polyester hollow fiber padding. There is a white edge band on the edges of the quilt. Washing and care: Hoie products are machine washable at 60 degrees and can be tumble dried (at least 7 kg dryer). Use 2/3 of the normal amount of detergent.