Hoie Orion Light duvet 150x210 cm, 600 g

Hoie Orion Light duvet 150x210 cm, 600 g

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The Orion series products have a soft cotton fabric and a filling of durable spiral hollow fiber.

Orion Light blanket has a filling suitable for summer season and for those who like a cool blanket. The quilts have an elegant wavy pattern stitching and edging.

Hoie's trademark is a very soft and comfortable cotton fabric that is quilted with an elegant pattern covered with Orion. The quilt is suitable for those who want a traditional, good light and cool quilt.

The products have undergone strict quality control. They have been tested to be harmless and the products have been awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 mark. Care instructions:

Heat class: Cool SIZE: 150 × 210 cm, 600 g