Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green
Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green
Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green
Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green
Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green
Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green
Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green
Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green
Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green

Loffen Shield Antimicrobial Face mask -Green

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Loffen Shield Face mask is a reusable face mask made of antimicrobial material that destroys bacterias, microbes and viruses.

  • Proven to be effective against coronavirus as well as other known germs such as MRSA, Norovirus and E-coli
  • Destroys transferred bacteria or virus on contact
  • Washable and durable – can withstand over 50 washes
  • Non-toxic and suitable for frequent, personal use
  • Technology stays on the fabric and remains effective
  • Environmentally friendly compared to other antimicrobials such as those containing silver and copper
  • Antimicrobial material, durable, non-leaching polymer coating in the fiber.
  • Used material is able to destroy viruses, bacterias and microbes, also tested against corona virus.
  • Works immediately when a microbe touches the fabric.
  • Particle filtration efficiency >75%
  • The antimicrobial feature is based on a physical reaction, not on a chemical reaction.
  • The substance used for the antimicrobial feature is approved by the Chemical and Safety Agency of Finland (Tukes) for face mask use inside EU.
  • Completely safe for humans.
  • Soft and pleasant polyester fabric, which does not irritate skin.
  • Aluminium nose bridge helps to achieve a better and personalized fit.
  • Features last for dozens of washings.
  • The fabric will not shrink or loosen up due to washing.
  • This is not a medical device or a certified mask.
  • Designed in Finland, materials from Europe.
  • Tens of thousands of these masks are used by the Finnish counties and businesses.

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According to the tests made by VTT (The Finnish Visionary Research, Development and Innovation Center (14.5.2020)) the cotton face masks filter particles with an efficiency of only 20-40%. Loffen Shield face mask uses a polyester fabric, which filters particles according to the same test by >75%. 

Loffen Shield face mask is made out of antimicrobial polyester fabric, which has a ready made antimicrobial treatment. This treatment begins to destroy bacterias, microbes and viruses as soon as a contact occurs between the microbe and the fabric. The fabric is 100% polyester, which is safe, pleasant and allergy free for the user. The elastic bands do not have the antimicrobial feature. The mask has a nose bridge inside the fabric, which can be reshaped over and over again to offer a better fit around the nose.

The substance used to achieve the antimicrobial feature is water based and safe for the user. It does not include harmful ingredients such as leaching noble metals (i.e. silver, copper, zink), formaldehyds, metanol, polycrated felons or arsenic, like most of the other antimicrobial treatments do. The safety of the substance has been comprehensively tested against harmful ingredients. The substance is OEKO-TEX and REACH approved and manufactured in EU. The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has approved the use of this treatment and substance in face mask use inside the EU.

The treatment is made straight into the fiber. It is an so called non-leaking polymer, which will basically not wear out like most other antimicrobial materials do. The product is sewn into a face mask in our sewing company.

Materials with the same antimicrobial treatment have been used for example for hospital and other professional use only- purposes. It has been studied to have an effect on wide variety of microbes such as C-Diff Spore and against viruses.

The antimicrobial affect is based on a mechanical process. The polymer has a positive electric charge and attracts the negatively charged micro-organisms. As the microbe gets to a contact with the polymer in the fabric, the millions of ”spikes” pierce the cell membrane, causing the biochemicals to get an electric shock. This way the piercing mechanism deactivates the microbe and disallows the growth and spreading of the microbe. This safe and antimicrobial treatment has been made to last repetitive washings in desinfection temperature. (Tested in 75 degrees Celsius).

A few examples of the bacterial decrease in fabric from different bacterial tests after different times commissioned by the manufacturer.

%-number indicates the percentage of decrease in bacterias in fabric, when an unwashed fabric is being tested, then after it has been washed for x-times and the result after 1 hour and the same result after 24 hours.


  • Unwashed fabric; 1 h after washing the decrease of bacterias was  99,99 %
  • 20 x washed 60 deg. 1 h after washing <60 %, 24 h after washing, 97,1 %
  • 50 x washed 75 deg. 1 h after washing <60 %, 24 h after washing, 93,5 %

According to the tests commissioned by the manufacturer it takes 24 hours for the treatment to recover after washings. To ensure the best effectiveness it is recommended to use reserve mask the day after washing.

The material has been tested against corona virus too.

The test used Corona virus Feline-genus, which is a substitute virus for SARS2/COVID-19, because these SARS2/COVID-19 viruses are only permitted to use in state laboratories due to their dangerousness. This tested virus belongs to the same corona virus family as SARS2/COVID-19 virus.

According to the test EN 18184:2019 with a contact time of one hour the amount of effective viruses (corona virus Feline-genus) on the fabric decreased by 92,8%.

Manufacturer: Import Numero 1 Oy Finland (www.nro1.com)

Fabric made in: The Great Britain

Fabric: 100% Trevira Cs polyester, 280 g/m2. Super soft.

Antimicrobial substance: Permanently to the fiber attaching polymer, unleaching. Manufactured in EU, OEKO-TEX and REACH approved. The bioside ingredient used in the product is Dimethyloctadecyl[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ammonium chloride. The Finnish Safety and Chemicl Agency (Tukes) has approved the use of this bioside in face mask use in EU.

Washing: 60-75 Celsius.

Washing tests have been done in 75 degrees, which is the normal desinfective temperature. The product sustains that well. The elastic bands might weaken after multiple hot washings.

Tumble dying: Allowed.

Ironing: Allowed on medium temperature