No Problem Hotel Luxury Pillow
No Problem Hotel Luxury Pillow
No Problem Hotel Luxury Pillow

No Problem Hotel Luxury Pillow

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This luxury pillow is developed for high-end hotel use filled with microfiber, offering the best features of down without the downsides of down.

If it fits in the hotel suite, it fits in the home… No Problem Hotel Luxury pillow is a soft, formable pillow that is used by tens of thousands in the highest quality hotels, passenger ships, etc.

This pillow is suitable for all types of sleepers regardless of position and body, because it is so deformable. The filling gives support in just the right place and always reshapes when the position changes. 

The product is not available for sale in any other store.

The series comes in two sizes; 50 × 60 cm and a giant pillow 60 × 80 cm. The standard size 50 × 60 cm pillow has two softness classes; the normal model is 800 g and if you want a reallu soft and low model, there is also the 600 g model. The 60 × 80 cm giant pillow has a softer 1,200 g filling and a slightly more polar 1,400 g microfiber filling.

Material and care instructions:

The fabric is a densely woven permanently fireproof (SL1 and IMO rated) Cs fabric and is filled with a 50 × 60 cm 800 g or 600 g and 60 × 80 cm 1200 g and 1400 g, modern microfiber that is effectively reshaped over and over again. The edges are surrounded by an elegant silver or white tere, depending on the model. The No Problem Hotel Luxus pillow is machine washable at 60 degrees and tumble dry at medium heat.